Looking for music

I rarely discover music, but when I do it’s usually old music that has been out of fashion for a while.

In the 80s, 90s and 2000 I usually got to discover music from the radio or music tv channels. Got to listen what the music industry wanted me to listen. It’s only from the internet, themed radios, podcasts and music recommendation softwares starting later that I really had the opportunity to choose and search for music, browse for styles.

Movies and tv series – besides musical themed ones – never had a good impact on my choice. Yes we all got influenced by Purple Rain and Bodyguard, we all listened to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack but did we really browse into the artists’ other tracks or into other similar styles? Doubt I did. If you did, well, you must be more flexible than I am. When I listened, it’s more likely to be an infinite loop.
It seams to me that music inserted in movies only influenced during the movie itself, emphasizing the scenes, drama, action, romance, thrill. All passive listening. Once the movie was over, none of the music stayed in me. I barely looked for the soundtrack or remembered any of it.

What about music on TV shows. Ummm… do they ever use real music on tv shows? Do they? If yes, then I’m really deaf. I only remember hearing basic stock music, blah repetitive background sounds and specifically written/chosen music/themes for the sitcom. Acting and stories have always been put first.

These days I’m fed up of all those tv series. It’s all about crime, doctors, war, drama horror, politics or fake laughs. There’s some romance, but it’s so boring or so fast or about lecturing. If it’s about people, it’s all reality shows, fake acting, stupid games, or documentaries about strange people.
It’s so difficult to find a show or a movie I can really care for.

Looking, produced by HBO is one of the first tv shows that I find different. That I care watching. The story is so different. It’s sometimes surreal. Of a world we don’t live in. Fictional. But it seams natural. Not real, just true. True feelings, people having trouble expressing themselves. Yeah, yeah, the stories are difficult to get through, the characters are annoying and many things seam too easily solved.

Still, there is one thing I wait for when watching the show: the end. When they get to that peak moment of the story and finish it with some music. It’s one of the first times music in a TV show has such impact on the story. The ending tune is different on every episode and is always emotionally connected to the story theme. Making it part of the story. We get to listen to old stuff and new stuff (at least for me). It got me listening to the playlists on Spotify and discover other tracks about the musicians. Finally a show for me.


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